05 December 2010

Parade Fun

Christmas parade I sat down and no more than 10 minutes pass when a father and his two kids sit down next to me. He had a daughter about 10 and a son about 7 or 8. The parade started and I did my thing!! I clicked away!! lol! When the princess float came my way the first thing you see is Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia (Cinderella's step family) walking along making faces and being there mean selves. Well Anastasia headed my way. She came right up to the little boy next to me and asked...
"Would you take me to the ball?" in a nasty kind of voice.
The little boy said NO! well he shook his head no and then hid his face. Everyone started laughing because Anastasia started to throw a fit. she called out to her mother.
"Mother he won't take me to the ball!!!" she said in a loud voice.
It was great Drizella started teasing her and laughing at Anastasia. They went on making faces and doing there thing.
After I walked around. These are my pictures!
 Guess who is the right Mary Poppins and who is the double??? LOL
Mary Poppins had her little double with her that day! her mother made the dress!! she had everything!


Oh and Everyone go see TANGLED!!! One of the best movies I have seen in a long time!! Became one of my favorites!!

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  1. I love that little girl's Mary Poppins costume! The BATB pics are great, of course! :D