07 December 2010


It's A Small World

Star Wars: Jedi Training Academy. It's always fun to see kids fight and win against Darth Vader and Darth Maul!  


05 December 2010

Parade Fun

Christmas parade I sat down and no more than 10 minutes pass when a father and his two kids sit down next to me. He had a daughter about 10 and a son about 7 or 8. The parade started and I did my thing!! I clicked away!! lol! When the princess float came my way the first thing you see is Lady Tremaine, Drizella, and Anastasia (Cinderella's step family) walking along making faces and being there mean selves. Well Anastasia headed my way. She came right up to the little boy next to me and asked...
"Would you take me to the ball?" in a nasty kind of voice.
The little boy said NO! well he shook his head no and then hid his face. Everyone started laughing because Anastasia started to throw a fit. she called out to her mother.
"Mother he won't take me to the ball!!!" she said in a loud voice.
It was great Drizella started teasing her and laughing at Anastasia. They went on making faces and doing there thing.
After I walked around. These are my pictures!
 Guess who is the right Mary Poppins and who is the double??? LOL
Mary Poppins had her little double with her that day! her mother made the dress!! she had everything!


Oh and Everyone go see TANGLED!!! One of the best movies I have seen in a long time!! Became one of my favorites!!

20 November 2010


I just got home from seeing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! On stage!!!! If you ever get the chance to see it GO!!! It is my favorite!!! The music better than ever because its right there in front of you with the actors performing. I will say I did cry. The atmosphere that the actors bring to the stage bringing to life my favorite characters was absolutely amazing. On minute your smiling and laughing, and the next your holding your breath to letting out a long sigh for relief or happiness. If you don't know I am the BIGGEST BEAST FAN!!! lol! It truly is the greatest love story ever told!!

These were and Actors that I saw!! I am still so happy. If I don't go to florida I am so seeing this show a couple more times!!!! Amazing Wounderful Exciting!!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! The transformation part was amazing!! and Justin Glaser who played Beast is cute!!! lol that is a big plus!!! and his voice was.... amazingly beautiful!! no words, his voice was the best of everyone gave me chills every time!! and Liz Shivener, she is very beautiful and her voice was amazing as well! When she sang A Change in Me!! wow the notes she hit gave me the chills!! when Mrs. Potts sang Beauty and the Beast... I did starte to cry! Was so romantic!!  Disney always out does them selves!!

17 November 2010

Holiday Time At Disneyland!

Nov 12 kicked off the Holiday season at the Disneyland Resort. So it was good-bye Celebrate: A Street Party Parade... Hello good looking Prince's!!!!
( They have a flot just for the Prince's and Princess's in the Christmas parade.) Celebrate was the old parade that will not be returning to Disneyland I think... I'll let you know. Yes, some may think it is sad but don't worry another brand new one is on the way!! Don't get me wrong Celebrate was good but not my favorite. Anyway I watched the Christmas parade and it was amazing like always!! I caught Donald and Dasiy Kissing!!! Which was a first to see and so cute!!!
After, I decided to head to the castle to see what Princess's are hiding on the sides.  Sleeping Beauty and Ariel came out first. I was standing around Sleeping Beauty most of the time and got some good shots of her but not so much with Ariel.
I headed to the other side of the castle to see if anyone was the and sure enough there was Snow White and The Evil Queen there togerther. You would think they would not want to be around each other. :)  Well they were and that was where it got good. I loved Snow White she was really pretty but the Evil Queen... Love her! So here is one of my stories.
This family comes up to Snow White and Evil Queen handing them there autograph books. The father was behind  the stroller ready with the camera. There were two kids, a boy about 7 years old and a little girl about 4 or 5. The mother stood to the side with a sling thing on an infant laying inside against the mothers front. The Queen looked at them and said hello.
"What are you called?" The Queen said to the little boy and girl. The little boy said his name but the little girl stayed quiet.
"Who is she?" the Queen asked the boy.
"My sister." he said.
"But what do you call her?" she started to get impatience. The little boy answered. ( sorry i did not hear any names)
The Queen then turned towards the mother.
"What is this?" She asked with a nasty look pointing to the infant.
"A baby." said the boy. The Queen looked at the two little kids.
"What do you call this baby?"
Someone said the name of the baby. the Queen looked at the baby and then the mother.
"It looks hungry. I could give it some apple sauce..." She said and I started laughing so hard!!!! If you don't get it I am sorry. The Queen gives Snow White a poison apple in the movie. The baby could not have and apple so she said apple sauce!!!!