20 November 2010


I just got home from seeing BEAUTY AND THE BEAST! On stage!!!! If you ever get the chance to see it GO!!! It is my favorite!!! The music better than ever because its right there in front of you with the actors performing. I will say I did cry. The atmosphere that the actors bring to the stage bringing to life my favorite characters was absolutely amazing. On minute your smiling and laughing, and the next your holding your breath to letting out a long sigh for relief or happiness. If you don't know I am the BIGGEST BEAST FAN!!! lol! It truly is the greatest love story ever told!!

These were and Actors that I saw!! I am still so happy. If I don't go to florida I am so seeing this show a couple more times!!!! Amazing Wounderful Exciting!!!! I LOVED IT SO MUCH!!! The transformation part was amazing!! and Justin Glaser who played Beast is cute!!! lol that is a big plus!!! and his voice was.... amazingly beautiful!! no words, his voice was the best of everyone gave me chills every time!! and Liz Shivener, she is very beautiful and her voice was amazing as well! When she sang A Change in Me!! wow the notes she hit gave me the chills!! when Mrs. Potts sang Beauty and the Beast... I did starte to cry! Was so romantic!!  Disney always out does them selves!!

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