29 January 2011

Mad Tea Party

Well I thought it would be a slow day today. I knew there would be no one at the park but I also thought there would be no characters but I was wrong!!!! There were rare characters out. For Disneyland some rare characters would be…
Suzie from Cinderella the mice never come out.

Daisy she needs to come out more! and i caught them kissing again!!!

Sully from Monsters Inc I never see him out and about like I have years before.

White Rabbit from Alice in Wonder Land

This weekend gets even better. It’s called Family Fun Weekends. Well this weekend is Characters. They did a poll with lists of rare characters that we would like to see at the park again for this weekend only! SO EXCITED!!! Let me list them for you!!
  • Captain Hook, Wendy and Mr. Smee from “Peter Pan”
  • Donald Duck and Daisy Duck
  • Clarabelle Cow and Horace Horsecollar
  • Esmeralda and Clopin from “The Hunchback of Notre Dame” SO EXCITED FOR THEM!!!!!! I LOVE HUNCHBACK OF NOTRE DAME!!!!!!
  • King Louie and Baloo from “Jungle Book
  • Seven Dwarfs (ALL OF THEM!!!)
So you can see why I am excited!!! I will have photos up and blog about that next week some time!! I have to get this one done its going to be long with lots of photos!!!

Ok so I was about to leave for the other park when I saw Alice and Mad Hatter come across
Main Street. They may not do this everyday but they do it a lot. They play musical chairs with a group of kids! It’s great to watch!! Well Mad Hatter gets all the chairs set up and a group of girls occupying the seats (The Princess Musical Chairs- Alice called it that because it was her and 7 other girls, no boys). Alice lets a little girl join her as a partner so there are 9 girls now; they were ready to play and could not add another chair for the little girl so Alice helped her out. The piano starts and they all walk around, while mat hatters yelling “I don’t hear any clapping!” to the on lookers. When the music stops every one finds a seat. Mad hatter pauses for a minute and looks around. (Can't get the Italic to trun off... just letting you know because this is not my fave part or important part so please ignore!)
“Now what went wrong?? One should be left standing… oh I forgot to take a chair… Duh.” He said. Now every one had there own chair even Alice and she had a partner. Hatter jumps up onto the really small stage where the piano is and yells out. “That was just rehearsal! Now let me take a chair and if you would Eric…” (Eric is the piano player) Eric started playing and the girls went in a circle. One chair was taken away. When the music stopped Alice was left standing.  “Wait a moment she is my partner.” Alice said as she slid half way on to the seat. “Now Alice I’ll let this slid this once. I know you don’t want this game to end.” He said, and Alice shook her head no. “Ok everyone up and I’ll take another chair. But this time you must go around in a circle like a ballerina!” Hatter said.  Alice yelled back “Princess Ballerinas!”
The music began again and when it stopped everyone had a seat. No one was standing. Mad Hatter was confused big time and did not know what happened. He was laughing but you could tell he was very puzzled at the same time. Well I noticed! J The first round a little girl was too scared so she just walked away back to her parents while they were walking in a circle. When the little girl left it gave Alice’s partner a chair. In the second round Alice just claimed her seat with her partner. In the third round another girl just walks away, not sure if she was scared, nervous, or just did not want to play. Any way the game went on. When you are left standing you get to get up on the stage in front of the piano and tell a joke or solve a riddle. The Winner as Hatter likes to say “You get to put all the Chairs away!” Everyone helps.

Well during this game something else happened. I knew Mad Hatter had deep pockets in his coat but I did not know what was in side until today. He pulled out two tea cups from his pockets and later pulled out a Queen of Hearts doll and Cheshire cat doll.  Hatter put the tea cups on the two girl’s heads and then yelled out. “Ladies and Gentleman these two ladies are now going to do a demonstration for us all!” The girls were like oh no!!  Hatter then whips out the dolls stetting one in each cup.

 “Okay now spin in circles for us!” he yelled. The girls started spinning. “Ladies and Gentleman I give you the Tea Cup Ride!!” I started laughing so hard.

Minnie had a fun time today!! She some how ended up with no line. I think she saw me and this other person next to me taking pictures of her so she started posing for us!! It was fun and cute!!

Pluto also ended up with no line. But there was this little boy maybe around 6-7 months old that had a laugh with Pluto’s whiskers. All Pluto had to do was make them move and the cutie started giggling. Or if the boy touched Pluto himself he just started laughing away!! It was way way cute!!!

Caught Mickey and Donald doing the hand shake chest bump thing it was funny!

Well and I can’t forget. This one had my laughing for a long time. Stitch was out! And there was this little girl maybe around 4 or 5.  She took a photo with stitch and once that was done turned around and told stitch “You need to cut your finger nails!!!”

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  1. So jealous about Daisy!! (You already knew that though.) LOVE LOVE LOVE the Minnie pics... so sassy!